The warm heart of any home 

    Peace and quiet. Clean air. And a beautifully clear view. These are the things that inspire us, improve our wellbeing and set our creativity free. Unfortunately, these are also things that modern kitchen design can overlook. 

    Designed around your life

    All we want is a nice, uncluttered space, free from distractions, where we can enjoy the act of cooking and the company of friends. But new units or appliances can bring problems rather than possibilities. A hood can interrupt a kitchen’s clean lines, and even the most desirable appliances can take up space and steer you away from the look and feel you’re aiming for. To create the perfect kitchen space, you have to find the right balance – where form, function and attention to detail effortlessly combine. 

    Beautiful things that work and make life better. This is the origin and essence of Scandinavian design. And the ability to balance form and function – to take an object designed for practicality and reinvent it as an object of desire – is its enduring legacy. But Scandinavian design is also about reconnecting with nature and bringing the outside in. Whether that’s using natural materials to create contrast and warmth or filling a room with natural light to create a refreshing feeling of freedom and space. Bright white walls are brought even more to life with tasteful splashes of colour from cushions and fabrics that also add a welcoming softness and warmth. 

    Quiet is the new loud

    When it comes to Scandinavian design, again it’s a question of balance. Balancing natural wood with shiny steel, beauty with functionality and minimalism with a cosy feeling of warmth that fills a room and then flows effortlessly throughout the rest of the home. 
    At ASKO, when we design our kitchen appliances, we try to capture this balance: through appliances that are eye-catching but understated, beautifully familiar but unique, highly advanced but easy to use. This balance of form and function is integral to our overall design philosophy, and key to creating a beautiful space. 
    All ASKO kitchen appliances are beautifully designed, but they won’t stand out unless you want them to. If your kitchen is designed in such a way where you want the appliances to blend in, choose a fully integrated dishwasher or refrigerator – or a sleek, stylish oven with a flush induction hob, perfectly designed to integrate with any surroundings. You can even choose from a selection of dishwasher fronts to complement the finish of your existing cabinets. 
    However, if you want your appliances to take pride of place, ASKO solutions are also designed to be confident enough to stand out – without taking up space or taking attention away from the rest of the room. The new ASKO Elevate hood-in-hob is the very essence of this approach and a perfect example of ASKO’s overall design expression – an inspiring and seemingly effortless mix of warm minimalism and timeless Scandinavian design. 

    Bringing perfect harmony

    An efficient hood is essential for creating an attractive, harmonious living space. Most of the time, it should blend in – unnoticed and unobtrusive. But it should also be ready to take centre stage and perform when required. The Elevate hood-in-hob features an extraction tower which, instead of taking up precious kitchen space on the ceiling or wall, rises up from the centre of the hob. Here, it integrates with the induction surface.  

    But the extraction tower is not just a gimmick. By bringing the extractor closer to the culinary action, steam, moisture and odours are taken care of before you even really notice them. This means they won’t disturb you while you’re cooking or ruin the atmosphere when friends are round for a meal. And as well as eliminating odours, it also eliminates noise. Thanks to the smart filter system, Elevate hood-in-hob is extremely quiet. 

    Anything is possible

    But it’s not just the Elevate hood-in-hob that is designed to enhance your living space and bring more enjoyment to life in the kitchen. The ASKO Craft and Element kitchen ranges feature ovens, hobs, coolers and hoods that show that subtle, functional beauty and attention to detail is something that permeates ASKO’s entire design philosophy. 

    As people spend more time at home, it’s no surprise that they’re prepared to invest more of themselves in creating a truly unique kitchen space that brings them calm, joy and fulfilment. A space free from distractions where they can embark on new culinary adventures and then welcome friends along to share in everything they’ve discovered

    The kitchen is the warm, beating heart of any home. But with design innovations like Elevate hood-in-hob, it also becomes a place where you can look at life from a fresh new perspective. A blank canvas where creativity flourishes and anything is possible.