Our journey from relatively humble beginnings in a farming community in Sweden, to where we are now, with our appliances found in millions of homes worldwide, is something we're incredibly proud of. From one single washing machine, we've now progressed to the stage where we provide a full range of appliances for both kitchens and laundry. And we always make sure that everything we produce reflects our love for design, our drive to create real usefulness, and our desire to improve the health and wellbeing of the people who use our appliances. We're also committed to caring for the environment. Our closeness to and respect for the Scandinavian natural landscape provides us with a constant source of inspiration, and compels us to preserve it for the next generation. We're motivated by the need to create the most environmentally friendly solutions possible, and use our resources in the most compassionate ways we can. As a rule, our machines are water and energy efficient, as well as being built to last longer for real hard-wearing sustainability. ASKOs appliances are exported and distributed by sales companies in our main markets – the Nordics, USA and Australia – as well as 50 other markets worldwide.